Here are some lovely blogs, stores & links I’ve been enjoying lately.

Maker & Merchant

Some lovley friends of mine have created a homewares store called Maker & Merchant and have filled with unique and down right peachy things to brighten up your home. Pop on over for a look.

Fine Little Day

Fine Little Day is blog run by Elisabeth Dunker. Elisabeth posts art and design related observations – art, crafts, interiors, books, patterns etc and also things from her everyday life in Gothenburg, Sweden. She makes me homesick for Scandinavia, and has some stunning wallpaper in her house!

Hunter & Found

Small batch & handmade jewellery, homewares & accessories. Collectibles, curiosities & one-off finds. Hunter & Found is run by another friend of mine with exceptional taste – aren’t we just so industrious

Finnish Design Shop

The name pretty much somes this one up. Finnish Design Shop  – what more do you need